A holiday SAFETY message from UMS

ZERO HARM means that the safety of our employees does not end when they come off shift and exit our premises. Road travel remains a risk to all our employees and their families. To be safe on the roads over these upcoming holidays please remember the following basics of ROAD SAFETY:
• Avoid unnecessary travel if you can.
• Ensure the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition. Do simple pre-trip inspections and attend to faults (such as tyres, windscreen wipers, lights, and indicators).
• Avoid travelling in the dark.
• Don’t speed. Reduce speed in the wet. Getting to your holiday destination is not a race.
• Ensure all vehicle occupants wear a seat belt.
• Stop every two hours to stretch legs and break the journey.
• Guard against distractions while driving and don’t use cell phones.
• Don’t drink and drive.
• Think about how your driver behaviour affects your loved ones.
We care about your safety even when away from work. Enjoy your well-deserved break and we look forward to having everyone safely back at work.

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